Club Penguin Sea

Clothing by Ben

clothing so yeah clothing has come and theres alot by alot i mean 9 well weve only done 7 the pieces of clothing is a duck dingy did i spell that right a toy teddy i mean monkey popcorn costume puffle costume its more funny than you think puffle tshirt with bored little black puffle in the middle popcorn red car why is so much stuff in this game red there is a baby duck in a egg shop keeper

Progress update by Mark

Before I get into this week’s post, I just want to say thank you to Maru at Unity, who sent Ben a package of Unity swag that arrived on his eighth birthday. That was a lovely gesture and it made Ben very happy indeed. We’ve added or improved a couple of features to Club Penguin Sea since the last post. The one I want to tell you about today is the clothing system.

Hello World

Hello! Welcome to Club Penguin Sea! This is a project I’m working on with my son, Ben. He’s seven years old, and he likes videogames, YouTube and crisps. He plays a lot of Minecraft, watches other people play Minecraft, and if somebody acquired the license and made Minecraft-themed crisps, he’d be very, very happy. Another game that he liked a lot was Club Penguin, and then, when they closed that down, Club Penguin Island.

Hello From Ben

sled races the great thing has come SLED RACING sled racer was realy fun to code with dad so basicly the ice speeds you up the limit speed is 10 the cactus slows you down by 2 i dont know why theres cactuses in snow the tree slows you down ALL THE WAY BACK TO 2 the limit of slow is 2. waddle on!